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Network Definition

“FTN-style” means that the network's original topography is based on “Fidonet technology” meaning it works much like Fidonet does, using text-based nodelists that are compiled into a machine-readable format and a “store and forward” system of transferring mail between nodes and hubs in the network. The network is also capable of private mail (netmail) and direct routing of messages to each individual node in the network.

That differentiates between using QWK- or NNTP-style networks which do not have the private mail or direct routing capabilities.

Micronet has a few systems that are able to gate mail between different network styles. QWK networking uses QWK packets to transfer mail between systems and normally uses either FTP or, in the case of Synchronet and Wildcat!/WINServer, the system logs into a BBS as a system, not a user, and will transfer mail using QWK packets. NNTP is using an USENET-styled system to transfer mail. Both systems and individual users can use this for mail.

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